West Epping Preschool believes that relationships are at the heart of everything we do.  These relationships are underpinned by a pedagogy of Anti-Bias, where diversity in all its forms is acknowledged, respected and seen as bringing richness and strength to the whole community.

Relationships with and between children
Where knowledge is co-constructed, through problem-solving and critical thinking, and children are empowered to develop confident and knowledgeable self-identities, empathetic interactions, and a love of learning.

Relationships with and between families

Where families and staff collaborate to create trusting relationships, communicating freely and respectfully with each other, sharing insights and perspectives and engaging in shared decision making.

Relationships within the Community

Through engagement with the wider community, we aim to foster positive and productive relationships with individuals, groups and organisations that represent the reciprocal benefits of successful and respectful community involvement.

Relationships with Nature

Through engagement with Indigenous perspectives that value the interrelatedness between all living things, we employ teaching strategies that place our community as an integral part of the natural world.  We maintain an ethical responsibility to work collaboratively with children to raise awareness about living sustainably, respecting and caring for the land and all living things.