Creating seedlings to attract bees and butterflies to our garden.
Making the seedling pot from recycling newspaper as a more eco friendly alternative to plastic
A collaboration with children exploring alternatives to single use plastics
We are a drop off point for bottle tops that are recycled to create prosthetic limbs for disadvantaged children
We discovered some of our dolls needed prosthetic limbs and/or wigs which we made for the dolls
Using technology to reinforce our message of caring for Country. We programmed the Beebots to take the rubbish to the correct recycling station
Our children are encouraged to take responsibility for caring for Country
We have 2 different playgrounds offering children a variety of options to explore
Making eel traps for our creek as we learn about our own local fauna and flora and follow traditional Darug methods for creating environmentally responsible eel traps
We do daily Fit and Fun lessons to help teach confidence and coordination as well as develop good fitness routines
Using STEM resources to encourage creative, logical thinking
We explore our local environment to maintain connections beyond the preschool
Excursion to Pioneers Trail to see animal and insect animal habitat rehabilitation