Please complete an enrolment application for children aged 18 months or over using the Storypark Manage form below.

You can select

Kookaburras and/or Possums: 3 day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 9am to 3pm


Lorikeets and/or Wombats: 2 day Thursday. Friday 8am to 3:30pm

To complete the application we will need to sight your child’s date of birth on either a birth certificate, passport or immunisation statement (which can be uploaded into your child’s application). A $30 non-refundable administration fee will be charged to place your name on our waitlist.  Please note that your child will only be added to the waitlist after you have paid the $30 waitlist fee, this will determine your position on the waitlist. Incomplete submissions will not be considered for enrolment.

Prospective families are invited to book in for a tour by calling 98766797. Currently tours are only available via appointment. Thursday mornings are preferable.

Any parents looking for positions in 2022 are invited to call preschool to enquire about any vacancies before adding their child to the waitlist as we have already have a long waitlist for and may not be able to meet your need for a position